Wednesday, 8 March 2017

No Man's Sky Update 1.2 (The Path Finder Update)

Hey, Internet! No Man's Sky version 1.2 is here!

That game that so many of you love to hate is getting another extensive update. There's so much more for you kids to hate and complain about now. Let's take a look at some of the new features which so many people will choose to never try but still proceed to mock and make fun of because it's the internet and that's the "cool" thing to do.

- Permadeath Mode

For those who want a bit more of a challenge, you can now attempt to reach the center of the universe without dying. 

- Adjusted difficulties

Normal and Survival mode difficulties have been adjusted in order to improve the player's experience in each mode. 

- Damage in Survival mode

If your starship sustains too much damage in space, you will now crash land on the nearest planet.

- New trophies

Survival and Permadeath modes now have their own unique trophies which can be unlocked in addition to the standard trophies.

- Improved lighting

The in-game lighting has also been improved and now features crepuscular rays, ambient occlusion and HDR support.

- PS4 Pro support

For those of you who own a PS4 Pro, you will be able to experience the game in 4K resolution.

- Exocraft

Exocrafts are landed vehicles which can be constructed and summoned at any time. There are 3 vehicle types available to the player. 
1) Roamer - Essentially a space monster truck capable of traversing difficult terrains.  
2) Nomad - A sleek, scouting vessel.
3) Colossus - A harvester which allows the player to mine materials with a vehicle mounted laser.

- Shared Constructions

Anything you construct will now be shared online. This means that other players will be able to visit your home base.

- New construction modules and tech blueprints 

New pieces of technology can now be purchased from traders at space stations or bases.

- Specialization System

A new specialization system has been added which allows the player to set-up their multitool and starship to suit different roles and play styles.

- New base building parts

New parts will be added to the base building menu to enable players to further customize their bases. 

- Photo Mode 

The photo mode will allow players to take still images. Players will now be able to freely control the camera position, time of day and weather, as well as add filters.

So, there it is. A few of the new features which will be added to the game for free in order to improve the player's overall experience. You can view a more detailed list of all the improvements and patch notes on Hello Games' website by clicking here. The question is, how many people will actually give it a chance? I've openly stated that I enjoy No Man's Sky, even more so after the Foundation update which added base building and giant freighters. It's not the greatest game in the world but it isn't utter trash like some people keep insisting it is. There's only been a handful of people who share my feelings towards this game. So, if you've played the game before, here's your chance to play an improved version of it, if you've never played it, maybe it's time to give it a try and if you would rather not try it at all and just keep making jokes, I guess that's fine too.

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