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The Last of Us Part II - What We Know So Far

As I'm sure you all know, Naughty Dog recently announced The Last of Us Part II at PSX 2016. If anybody still hasn't seen the trailer, please do so by clicking here. Later on, there was a panel discussion regarding The Last of Us Part II involving Neil Druckmann, the writer and directer for the franchise, Ashley Johnson, the voice of Ellie and Troy Baker, the voice of Joel.

The Last of Us Part 2 - PlayStation Experience 2016: Panel Discussion | PS4

The entire discussion is almost 40 minutes long and includes bits about the voice acting process for Joel and Ellie as well as how the dialogue in the game is developed. Among the various topics being discussed were a few details regarding their upcoming sequel to The Last of Us. So, here are a few things we now know about on The Last of Us Part II.

Play As Ellie

Joel was the leading role and the main playable character in The Last of Us but in Part II, it will be Ellie. We will be in control of her throughout most of, if not the entire game. It goes without saying that Ellie will feel quite different to control compared to Joel. We've been able to play as the younger Ellie for a short period during the first game as well as in the Left Behind DLC but I'm sure she will be quite different this time around. 

Hate, Not Love

Game director Neil Druckmann has made it clear that the new game will be a continuation of the story in the first game and will also be focusing on the same two characters we've grown to love. However, he said that while the first game was about love, Part II will be about hate. The Last of Us had its story based around the relationship between Joel and Ellie which started out as a business arrangement but became something much more by the end of the game. The first game highlights how Joel and Ellie progressively become more trusting and loving towards each other but we can expect this new game to go in a completely different direction. 

Ellie is now 19

This game will be set about 5 years after the events of the first game. Ellie was just 14 when we got to know her in The Last of Us and soon we will be able to get to know a more mature and also more hateful version of her in Part II. I'm sure we can all remember how strong and independent Ellie was even at the tender age of 14. Now just imagine how a 19 year old hate fueled Ellie will be. 

New Music by Gustavo Santaolalla

If you're wondering who this is, Gustavo Santaolalla composed the theme for the first game. Yes, he's the one responsible for that chilling acoustic piece that plays during the first game and he's also been working on new material for the sequel including a revamped version of the original The Last of Us theme song. There will also be completely new compositions in The Last of Us Part II which I expect will be just as beautiful.

New Engine

Naughty Dog always tries to produce games which don't just have great stories and characters but great graphics as well. Naughty Dog worked hard in order to make Uncharted and The Last of Us some of the most graphically impressive games when they were released and The Last of Us Part II will be no different. Naughty Dog is using a new graphics engine for The Last of Us Part II in order to achieve a higher degree of fidelity. Neil Druckmann said that with the new engine they will finally be able to zoom in on a character's eyes, something they couldn't properly do before. Judging by the trailer, there is no doubt in my mind that The Last of Us Part II will look absolutely amazing.

There is still no release date or even a release window for The Last of Us Part II so we'll just have to wait a bit longer. I, for one, have no problem waiting so if anybody from Naughty Dog is reading this, please take your time on this project and deliver another wonderful game for us to enjoy.

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