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Gaming Community - The 10% (Idiots, Morons & Douchebags)

I've written an article about the 90% of people in the gaming community who are genuinely nice people who indulge in their love for games with others who share the same passion. Now, I'm writing about the remaining 10%, the ones who aren't matured enough to have a proper conversation without turning it into an argument or worse.

1. Trolling

Trolls are everywhere nowadays and they have no intention of actually having a respectful discussion about games. All they want is to annoy the others in the community by posting a snarky little question like "Why can't my PlayStation 4 play Halo?" or something along those lines. Some trolls take it a step beyond that by personally replying to people in the comments with incredibly offensive insults that involve race, religion, family and whatever else that pops into their tiny little minds. It's incredible how much free time they have to be able to do this. The only time they stop is to have their diaper changed, then it's back to the keyboard.

On a serious note, trolls never really have anything to discuss, they just want to have some fun by insulting people over the internet knowing that they won't be able to do anything in return. It's one thing arguing over an apparent issue but arguing for arguing sake is just about the most imbecilic thing to do isn't it? If they were actually gamers and do have a passion for gaming why wouldn't they be playing games instead of trolling other gamers in a gaming group on the internet? It really doesn't make much sense. I guess it's a way of portraying dominance where dominance is absent. They really are a sad bunch. I hope they grow out of this habit and learn to actually be a part of the community.

2. Scamming For Cash

Almost every gaming related group will have a few members who are in reality just scammers. They post games up for sale and insist that the deal is made without having to meet each other face to face. In reality, they don't really have any intention of selling any games. They're just hoping to get some money from the buyer without actually giving them the game. Online purchases from ebay and amazon are much safer since there's a seller rating system as well as a way to get your money back in the event of a scam but in gaming groups, there's no such thing so you wouldn't be able to do much afterwards.

Luckily, the rest of the community are very helpful and will always post a warning regarding potential scammers. They'll even share their personal interactions with the scammer in order to show people what to look for. A scammer's behaviour is always quite odd. They'll give various reasons on why they aren't able to post you the game or meet you even if you're incredibly near them. So, thanks to my fellow gamers in the community, I now know what to look out for should I ever intend to purchase a game from anybody.

3. Different Opinions = War  

Let me make this clear at the start, I have no problem with people not sharing my opinions on games. It would be completely unrealistic to expect everybody to share the exact same views on games but there are some people who are just outright douchebags. Different games appeal to different people. I like RPGs and racing games, some might hate them. I've also had no qualms about admitting that I like some games that are disliked by the majority of people who have played them, that's my choice. I have no problem with anybody who dislikes the games that I like or like games that I dislike. No problem whatsoever. I would usually reply with "Let's agree to disagree and keep the peace".

The problem I have is with the people who are persistent in pointing out that their opinion is the right one and everyone else needs to bask in their magnificence. There seem to be quite a few people who are dedicated to the cause of proving that their taste in games is superior to anyone else's. They seem to go out of their way to try and prove to you that this game you like so much isn't very good. That's as daft as trying to convince me that chocolate cake taste's like rotten eggs after I've already finished eating the entire cake. I don't need to be told that the games I like aren't good games. Just because you don't share my opinion doesn't mean you need to convince me that your opinion is correct. In the end, it won't matter what you say, I'm not going to magically agree with you and say that the game I liked so much 5 minutes ago is an utter turd. If you expect that to happen you might be an utter turd yourself. 

Sometimes there are those who like to compare similar games and are adamant that the one they've brought up is better than the one you said you like. The two games may be in the same genre with similar concepts and gameplay elements but, in their mind, you can't possibly enjoy both. There is a possibility that the comparable game is, in every measurable way, better than the one I enjoy but would that lead to me disliking the one I liked in the first place? No! I don't understand why this sort of behaviour is so prevalent nowadays. If somebody doesn't agree with you, isn't it common sense to just let them be? We just have different views on video games, hardly a significant issue by any means.

There may be some other disgusting things they do but for the most part, these are the 3 I've seen most often. I'll admit I was quite agitated while writing this so it may seem quite harsh but since it's directed towards those who don't like polite conversations, I guess it's fine. I understand that there will always be some sort of negativity wherever we go but I hope that our gaming community will remain a mostly positive place to converse and share our mutual passion.

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