Wednesday, 27 July 2016

"I bought a game for a system I don't have"

So today I bought a game which I have no way of playing because it's for a system that I do not own. Okay, that was a lie, I didn't buy a game for a system I don't own. In actual fact, I bought two! I went to a game store and picked up Pokemon Y and Pokemon Omega Ruby which are both for the Nintendo 3DS. At this point in time, I do not own a 3DS. I do plan to get one eventually but I don't have one right now which means I can't play those games for the time being.

Well, after I bought the games, I decided to post a picture of them on Instagram with the caption "Have you ever bought a game for a system you don't have?" and I was a bit relieved to find out that I'm not the only one who has done this. A few people commented on the picture admitting that they've done the exact same thing and continue to do so without feeling awkward about it. I was surprised at first but quickly realized that it shouldn't really be surprising since there are plenty of valid reasons why you would buy games for a system you don't own. 

Just off the top of my head, people may choose to buy games for a system they don't own with the intention of having that game ready to play whenever they do decide to get the system. That's my reason for buying the games that I bought today. I do intend to get a Nintendo 3DS XL as soon as possible. Besides that, some might choose to buy certain games as an investment. It's a well known fact that some games are quite rare and progressively increase in value over time so it makes sense to buy such a game even if you don't own the system it's meant for. It would probably just sit on a shelf for a few years but it might end up tripling or quadrupling in value and that's never a bad thing. Other than that, some collectors may want to own a game purely because it looks good. I completely understand that because some games come with incredibly interesting cover art which makes me want to own a copy even if I'm not that interested in the game itself. 

So, there's nothing wrong with buying games for a system you don't own. There's nothing wrong with buying a system and not playing any games on it. You're spending your money, not anybody else's so spend it on whatever makes you happy. 

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  1. Yea. I bought games for system I didnt have, but I usually bought a used/preloved ones, since I am in no hurry to play them.

  2. I did this just recently. I found a copy of Paper Mario for the Wii in a charity shop for £3 pounds and bought it not owning a Wii. I do intend to get one eventually. My logic was that I made the mistake many years ago of not keeping Paper Mario for the GameCube when the price was low and ending up paying the price of a new game for it when I recently put it back in my collection. I figure one day this title may end up going up to a similar price so best buy it now and get the Wii, which is pennies in the UK later on.