Sunday, 3 July 2016

Gaming Community - The Good, The Rad & The Friendly

This applies to about 90% of gamers that are part of the many game related groups on Facebook. I'll be writing about the other 10% in the future so wait for that one, I've got a lot to say. For the most part, I genuinely enjoy being able to talk about games with such a large number of gamers. So, based on my experience, these are some of the reasons why gamers are a great bunch to have around.

Really Helpful!

This is very true of most gamers. If somebody needs help with something gaming related, they will try to help out if they can. I see this a lot on gaming groups on Facebook. If somebody has any questions about where to find a specific game or how much a game is supposed to be worth there are always other gamers who come to their aid by sharing their experience or by sharing a link to a helpful website. 

I've even seen a few posts asking for help clearing a level or a specific section in a game. These too are met with helpful tips by others in the community. There are things we  encounter when gaming that can't really be solved by a simple Google search so it's great to be able to ask a bunch of gamers for their input on the matter.

Always Interesting

Gamers keep things interesting. There's never a shortage of things to talk about with fellow gamers. Discussions can range from what upcoming game everyone's most excited for to which developer does everyone like most or even more nonsensical things like what would happen if certain characters from different games met eachother. It's never a boring conversation when it's with a bunch of gamers.

Share Information 

This is another thing I really love about these groups. Even though we might not know eachother in real life, we still make the effort to share new information regarding games, the gaming industry and certain things to look out for with other members in the community. I often see posts about new developments in the gaming industry which would include new console variations, new games, new content for existing games and even some exciting rumours. 

There are also posts that serve as a warning for other gamers to be wary of certain things happening in the industry or in the community itself. For instance, I've seen posts telling other gamers to be cautious when dealing with a certain seller who they've had a bad experience with. All these little things we do for eachother as a community really does add some positivity into an increasingly negative world.

No Discrimination

I've seen very little - if any at all - discrimination in the gaming groups I've been a part of. It doesn't matter where you're from or what you look like or what your beliefs are, when you're a gamer, you're a gamer and you aren't treated any differently. At the end of the day, we all love games and there's no reason to hate people who share the same passion as yourself. I hope  these groups remain a positive place to just geek out and not worry about the judgement of those who consider gamers to be anything less than awesome!

Danial Aziz
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