Saturday, 21 May 2016

5 Games That Need A Sequel

          Some games are so good that it just makes us want to play more of it. Sometimes, the developers decide to give us more of it, in the form of a sequel. They make another game, building upon the foundation which the first game had set, allowing us to enjoy even more of what we loved so much in the first game. Sometimes, however, they don't. For whatever reason, the developers decide they don't want to make a sequel to this game which has an enormous world wide fan base. They decide that they would rather develop an entirely different game than give the fans what they want. Here are 5 examples of games that are more that good enough to have a sequel but don't.

1. Red Dead Redemption

          Developed by Rockstar Games and is considered a masterpiece by many, Red Dead Redemption allows players to experience the vast open world western in the shoes of John Marston, a former outlaw trying to escape his past and become one of the good guys. This game is still deemed to be the best Western game ever made. The map is huge and well detailed. You could spend hours just riding your horse around, picking fights with outlaws or whatever cowboys like to do in the wild west.There was also an expansion for the game called "Undead Nightmare" which added new weapons, outfits, treasures and zombies. Zombies in a western! It's been 6 years since this game was released and still there has been no official word on a sequel.

2. Vanquish

          This is a third-person action game developed by Platinum Games. When it was released in October of 2010, this game was praised for it's beautiful visuals, unique gameplay and over-the-top style. It was very well received and went on to receive multiple awards from various publications including IGN, Gamespot and RamesRadar. Since then, the game's developer, Platinum Games, have been involved in the development of other titles such as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance which was released in February 2013 to positive reviews. However, to this day, there hasn't been any official announcement of a sequel for Vanquish.

3. L.A. Noire

          L.A. Noire is one of the most unique gaming experiences to date. As a Los Angeles police officer in the 1940s, players will visit numerous crime scenes, some just slightly messy, some bloody and gruesome, all of which are based on real cases from the 1940s. At times it adopts a slower pace, requiring an eye for detail in order to uncover vital clues. It also has it's fair share of car chases and gunfights. At the end of every investigation, the player will have to question the suspects and judge their answers based on their facial expressions. Fail to detect a lie and you might be putting the wrong man behind bars. This game is truly a gem. One I'm proud to have in my collection. It annoys me quite a bit that there hasn't been any talks of a possible sequel.

4. Burnout Paradise

          Burnout Paradise took the over-the-top racing style of previous Burnout titles and put it into an open world setting. In this game, players were free to drive around Paradise City and engage in races, time trials and even stunt jumps. It was just pure fun. It didn't need to adhere to the traditional rules of a street-racing game, It was just unrealistic and a bit wacky and we loved it. Criterion Games did tease a sequel to this game but that was way back in 2008. It's been almost 8 years and we still haven't heard back from them. Hopefully, this doesn't end up in "development hell" like some other unfortunate games.

5. Need For Speed: Underground 2

          This game was released back in November of 2004. The game wasn't very complicated. On the surface, at least, you had to win races, upgrade your cars to achieve a rating that allowed it to be featured in a magazine, get paid and repeat. This game focused heavily on modification. The amount of modifications available for each car was quite outrageous by today's standards. Almost every part of the car could be altered according to your personal preference. There is so much potential for a sequel to be properly amazing. Imagine what could be achieved using the classic Underground concept coupled with modern day technology. Obviously, there hasn't been any news of even the slightest possibility of a sequel, but I, for one, will keep hoping.

- Dnial Aziz
Instagram : @beyond_just_games

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