Monday, 30 May 2016

Bad Graphics = Bad Game.. Seriously??

I was recently told by the owner of a game store that a game with "bad" graphics isn't worth anything. In this case, the game he was referring to was Dissidia Final Fantasy on PSP which isn't a horrendously ugly game! 

          According to him, if a game doesn't have great graphics it isn't enjoyable to play. I would normally just nod my head politely when somebody has an opinion I don't quite agree with but this time, for some reason, I felt I had to express my views on the matter. I tried to explain that the worth of a game couldn't possibly be purely based on it's graphics. That would be absurd! However, the "extremely knowledgeable" store owner just laughed it off and stuck with his previous statement. 

          I'm sure not everyone would agree with me when I say that graphics isn't nearly as important as it's made out to be. Modern games are all expected to look insanely pretty but does that promise a really good game? In my opinion, NO! It doesn't! Good graphics improve the experience but if the actual gameplay is boring then it's not a very good game. My point is, stop putting graphics at the top of the priority list. A truly great game must be thoroughly enjoyable to experience not just a feast for the eyes.

Danial Aziz
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