Monday, 23 May 2016

5 Underrated RPGs Worth Your Time

          We often get bombarded with coverage of the newest upcoming AAA games. Every major publication releases their coverage of every bit of information they can get their hands on. When the game is finally released, everybody is aware of it. It explodes on the internet. Streams, gameplay footage, reviews, all highlighting various aspects of this new game. However, some games don't get this kind of overwhelming coverage. Some just slip under the radar while everybody is still engulfed in another major release. Some just get swept under the rug for whatever reason. Even if they do get a bit of coverage from major publications, they're not taken as seriously as the AAA releases. Here's a list of 5 RPGs (yes, because I love RPGs) that are worth your time!

1. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

          This was a recent release that received very little coverage. Even now, there are no video reviews by any major publication on YouTube. Many of the fans who have played this game say that it's the best Digimon game ever made and I agree! I have personally spent over 100 hours playing this game. The gameplay, graphics, character design, battle system and story are all far above average. Fans of the Digimon franchise will appreciate how much care has been put into all the Digimon designs. Even if you aren't a Digimon fan, this game is still worth your time to play.

2. Final Fantasy XIII-2

          Final Fantasy 13-2 is a direct sequel to Final Fantasy 13. While Final Fantasy 13 was considered sub-par by a large portion of it's audience due to the more linear nature and odd battle system, Final Fantasy 13-2 is a more refined experience. The maps in Final Fantasy 13-2 are more open, allowing for more exploration. The concept of time bending also allows players to experience the same location in multiple different time periods. For example, an area that used to be a peaceful village could be left in ruins 200 years later and players get to explore both variations. The battle system has also been greatly improved. It is now faster, more intuitive and allows a more strategic play style that Final Fantasy 13 lacked. Final Fantasy 13-2 is a great game. Don't let your feelings towards it's predecessor keep you from experiencing what it has to offer.

3. Brutal Legend

          I just had to include Brutal Legend. A game that since it's released has been dubbed a "Hidden Gem" by many who have taken the time to play it. Brutal Legend is an action RPG with some real-time strategy aspects set in a world of Heavy Metal! This game puts players in the shoes of Eddie Riggs, voiced by Jack Black. Other voice actors involved in this game include Ozzy Osbourne, Lita Ford, Kyle Gass and the late, great Lemmy Kilmister. This is a game that is unlike any other. If you're a fan of heavy metal music, this game will surely put a smile on your face.

4. Final Fantasy XII

          Final Fantasy 12 isn't as highly regarded as other Final Fantasy titles for some reason. It does stray away from the traditional turn-based battle system and replaces it with a more active style. Enemies don't spawn randomly like they used to and characters can still move around during battle. The player can also flee from battle at any time by running away from the enemy. The graphics were stunning for it's time and can even be considered good by today's standards. The world is truly beautiful. Some locations that you visit throughout the course of the story are jaw dropping. The amount of detail put into designing this game is properly remarkable. Characters are also very well designed and animated. This is one game that is overdue for an HD remaster. If you still own a Playstation 2, I invite you to go on this journey. 

5. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

          Kingdom's of Amalur: Reckoning is an open world RPG in which you play a person who comes back to life and is thought to no longer have a destiny. This game was released in February 2012, just 3 months after another open world RPG which had taken the gaming world by storm. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This might be the main reason why Kingdoms wasn't as highly regarded as perhaps it might have been. However, Kingdoms of Amalur is superior to Skyrim in some aspects. The battle system is more fast paced, more complex and more strategic. The armor and weapon designs are astounding. Even lower level weapons and armor look good. This game is a joy to play from the very beginning. The game didn't sell very well and was considered a financial failure but if you can find a copy of it, try it. This is a game that needs to be experienced by every RPG fan.

- Danial Aziz
Instagram : @beyond_just_games

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