Tuesday, 31 May 2016

"It's Stupid To Collect Original Games. Pirated Ones Are Cheaper!" Seriously??

As a game collector living in Malaysia, I grew up playing pirated games. I'm not sure if this was the case in any other country but it was here. It was incredibly rare for anybody to purchase an original game. Be it on the PS1, PS2, or PSP, they we're all pirated. They were cheap, yes, very cheap in fact. They were priced at an average of RM5 (pronounced 5 Ringgit, Malaysian currency) which is about 80p if you're reading this in the UK or around $1.50 if you're in the US. They came in plastic sleeves or, in the case of the PSP, would be downloaded straight into the memory card.

          When the PS3 launched, the main thing being discussed was the fact that there were no pirated games for the system. Since then, original games on newer consoles have been accepted and are the norm in all game stores. Still, it is considered odd to purchase original games from older consoles. People have said to me that it's stupid to buy original games when pirated ones are so much cheaper. "You'll get to play the exact same thing", they said. "You should spend your money on newer games". I recently heard similar remarks when I went looking for original PSP and Nintendo DS games. Yes, well, as a collector, I would much rather spend my money on original games. Owning an original copy of a game which I loved so much as a kid just makes me really really happy and nothing anybody says can change that fact. I appreciate the work that has been put into making such great games and owning a pirated copy just doesn't feel quite right. I still look forward to the day I acquire an original copy of Final Fantasy XII on PS2.

Danial Aziz
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  1. kalau beli game second-hand dari third party/reseller di Malaysia, game developer dapat share keuntungan dari itu tak?

    1. Game second hand tak bg keuntungan kpd developer. sama jgk mcm kalau kita beli buku, TV, kereta atau apa2 2nd hand, company yg buat bnda tu tak dpt apa2.. haha