Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Unexpected Goodness : Ghost Rider (PS2)

          This game was released in February of 2007 in conjunction with the first Ghost Rider movie starring Nicholas Cage. Ghost Rider, if you're not familiar with him, is a Marvel comic character who had sold his soul to the arch-demon Mephistopheles in order to save his father's life. Now, at night, in the presence of evil, he is engulfed in hellfire which burns away his flesh leaving only his skull and bones. Really interesting character, in my opinion. We've all learned over the years that movie tie-in games are never that good. So imagine my surprise when I played this game. 

          Ghost Rider is a beat-em-up developed by 2K Games in which you play as the Ghost Rider as he takes down numerous demons who have escaped from hell in order to avoid a possible apocalypse. The game adopts gameplay concepts that have been made popular by other beat-em-ups such as God of War and Devil May Cry. However, don't assume that this game is just another clone of the more popular titles. It uses similar systems, yes, but it possesses a totally different kind of charm. The game also includes sections where Ghost Rider rides his Hellcycle towards a destination while being chased by demons while at the same time maneuvering past the obstacles in his path. There is also an upgrade system which allows the player to enhance Ghost Riders stats and weapons similar to God of War. After beating the game on a certain difficulty level, other characters are made available to the player. These characters include Vengeance, Blade and my personal favourite, Ghost Rider 2099.

          I'm not saying this is a perfect game, it's not. Most reviewers have it rated at a 5/10 on average. However, if you enjoy a good beat-em-up you should probably give this game a chance. I had my doubts at first but eventually I tried it and went on to completing it 4 times. For some reason I just found it to be extremely charming and enjoyable. It just goes to show that sometimes, poorly reviewed games have a way of riding a Hellcycle straight into your heart.

- Danial Aziz
Instagram : @beyond_just_games

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