Friday, 10 June 2016

5 Games We Might See At E3 2016

Over the past few weeks there have been various E3 2016 rumours supposedly being confirmed by industry insiders, among which include Bethesda's Skyrim remaster. There are also some rumours that have remained just that. None have been able to confirm whether these games will actually make an appearance at E3 this year. Here's a list of 5 titles which, with a bit of luck, we might just see at E3 2016.

1. God Of War "4"?

Sony Santa Monica have reportedly been working on a new God Of War game since 2013/14. However, it's hard to say whether this new game's story will be a continuation of the previous games or a new story altogether. There have been leaked images showing Kratos with a much thicker beard possibly taking on Norse mythology this time around. This is still a rumour but if it were true, seeing Kratos take on the world of vikings would be a very interesting affair. However, as of right now, it is still unclear if Sony will be announcing this game at E3 this year. 

2. "Agent"

Rockstar Games have recently renewed the trademark for Agent, the game that was thought to be cancelled at one point. The stealth action game was announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive back in 2007. We haven't heard much at all about it since then. There is a slight possibility that Rockstar will be announcing Agent at this year's E3 due to the recent trademark renewal but it's hard to imagine what to expect from the game at this point in time.

3. Sony's Spiderman Project

There have been rumours regarding a new PlayStation 4 exclusive Spiderman game being in the works. NerdLeaks tweeted about an as yet untitled Spiderman game back in April. Since then there have been leaked images of a CV listing the same Spiderman project by Sony. The listing has since been taken down but this only leads to even more speculation since Fallout 4 was also leaked in similar fashion shortly before it was officially revealed last year.

4. Kojima's new game

Hideo Kojima, the man famous for his contribution in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, has said that he hopes to reveal his new game as soon as possible. Since he left Konami, Kojima has been very active with his newly founded studio, Kojima Productions. So far, we have seen the company logo which Kojima stated is a clue to what the game would possibly be. Then we saw the character designed based on the Kojima Productions logo. While a release date might be a bit too much to expect, there is a possibility that we could get more details regarding this game during this year's E3. 

5. Red Dead Redemption 2

Perhaps the most highly anticipated title for this years E3, Red Dead Redemption 2. There have been leaked images showing what the game's map could look like. Based on the map not having railroads in places Red Dead Redemption 2 did, many have speculated that this could be a prequel. The additions of small islands could also suggest that the character would poses some swimming prowess this time. This is the game that so many of us want to see revealed at E3 this year. However, Rockstar have remained silent, stating absolutely nothing on the matter. Still, this is one title which we could expect to be revealed at E3 2016.

- Danial Aziz
Instagram : beyond_just_games

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