Thursday, 2 June 2016

Offline Single-player Games A Dying Breed?

We've recently seen a significant increase in the number of online multiplayer games. Within the last few years the online multiplayer market has grown at an astounding rate.  More and more companies are developing games to cater to this growing market. In the pursuit of greater online offerings, some developers have decreased the quality of their offline single-player mode. Some have gotten rid of the offline mode altogether. While some have even thrown sense out the window by making a constant online connection a requirement to play the single player story mode. 

          While I understand the appeal for good online multiplayer games, there is also a definite need for really good games that don't need a constant internet connection to be enjoyed. I would prefer that my enjoyment not depend on the fragile connection between my console and the game's servers via the internet. Sadly not many companies are making the offline mode a priority anymore. Even companies which have been well known for making great single player games in the past are now focusing more on online multiplayer only titles. 

          Recently, it seems like every new game I hear about is another online multiplayer. I might be part of the minority but I really appreciate a good offline single-player experience. An online multiplayer game is great fun but I really love games that get me to connect with the characters, to care about them. I love to experience an elaborate story being played out with me in the center of it all. No other players for me to ally with or compete against. Just me.. me.. ME all the way until the very end. Games like these are getting rarer nowadays. 

          Thankfully, we still have a few offline single-player games to look forward to for now. I hope that there will always be a strong offline gaming market. I hope that developers still appreciate the art form that is an offline single-player experience. I would be saddened beyond belief if at one point all games required online connectivity. If that does happen, I'll be happy to just play the offline games I've stockpiled throughout the years.

- Danial Aziz
Instagram : beyond_just_games

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