Sunday, 19 June 2016

My Top 5 E3 2016 Moments

There were so many great moments littered throughout this years Electronic Entertainment Expo. Those moments that just caused me to grin uncontrollably as I tried to contain the absolute excitement of watching parts of what used to only be possible in my dreams being played out in reality. 

5. Final Fantasy XV Stage Demo

During Microsoft's press conference, Hajime Tabata and Mat Kishimoto made an appearance on stage to show off a new gameplay demo called "Trial of The Titan". This is the first time we we're able to see actual gameplay of Noctis taking on Titan. The sheer scale of it just blew me away. Even though the demo wasn't played very well, it still caught my eye and manged to "summon" a gigantic smile on my face. I admit, I'm quite envious of the people who actually got to play that demo at the Square Enix booth. 

4. Spiderman

I've always loved to play Spiderman games. Not necessarily for their story but just to muck about in as Spiderman himself. Since the PlayStation 2 days, Spiderman games have allowed us to swing around the enormous city of New York and beat up baddies using some webbing and elaborate flips and kicks to their faces. So when Sony revealed the new Spiderman game trailer and announced it was currently being developed by Insomniac, I utterly lost it. 

3. Hideo Kojima

This one really made me happy for some reason. Hideo Kojima made an appearance during Sony's press conference to reveal a trailer for the game he's currently developing with his studio, Kojima Productions. He walked on stage as a bridge of light formed underneath him courtesy of Sony's elaborate visual setup. He then faced the cheering crowd with a smile on his face, thanks them for the applause and proceeded to say those two words that made me go absolutely silly with excitement, "I'm back".

2. God of war

It has been a while since we've had a new God of War title to look forward to. We haven't heard from Kratos since his last adventure on the PlayStation 3. Then, at E3 2016, Sony decided to start off the best press conference of the year with a 10 minute gameplay demo of a new God of War game! Do you know what if feels like to have a stupidly wide smile emblazoned across your face for 10 whole minutes? ...It felt good actually.

1. Crash Bandicoot

Sony revealed that they are working with Activision to bring back Crash, Crash 2 and Crash: Warped fully remastered from the ground up, for the PlayStation 4! The crowd went bonkers and so did I. Sony had teased Crash in some of their recent games such as Uncharted 4 but nobody was sure if they would actually be bringing the beloved marsupial back. This was an amazing surprise, one that got me ecstatic to the point of near insanity, Thank you, Sony.

I've just noticed that 4 out of the 5 moments happened during Sony's press conference. No wonder people are regarding that as one of the best E3 press conferences ever. Other than that, I was also very excited when Bethesda announced Skyrim remastered as well as Nintendo revealing the "Battle Royal" feature available in the new Pkemon titles. It truly is a good time to be a gamer. 

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