Monday, 6 June 2016

Final Fantasy XII Remaster Confirmed!

Final Fantasy XII on PS2 has been my absolute favourite game since I first played it almost 10 years ago. I have never felt so much love for a game as I did for Final Fantasy 12. I spent upwards of 300 hours playing it (..and that was just my main save file.) and now I can look forward to playing it all over again in HD. A remastered version of Final Fantasy XII has been confirmed and will be coming to PS4 in 2017.

The remaster will be based on the Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System. The game will reportedly have improved character models and cutscenes. The original game looked amazing on PS2, pushing the system to it's limits at the time. I'm very excited to see how good it will look in HD on the PS4. I await the day I set off on my adventure to take on the Judges once more.

If anyone has never played Final Fantasy 12, please look into it. It's one of the more underrated titles in the main-line Final Fantasy lineup but as the saying goes, don't judge a book by it's cover, or in this case, don't judge my favourite game by things reviewers say! 

I've been waiting such a long time for this. 
I will soon be able to return to Ivalice. 
Thank You, Square Enix.

- Danial Aziz
Instagram : beyond_just_games

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