Monday, 20 June 2016

"Why Do you like Collecting Games So Much??"

I've been intrigued by games since I was a kid when my cousin let me play a game called "Metal Slug" on PS1. "Metal Slug? That's an odd name", I thought before I started playing it for 6 hours straight. Since then, I've been able to build my own collection of games. I go hunting for games quite often nowadays. I'm always peering into game stores, looking for a bargain on used games or possibly even rare titles. Some have asked me "Why do you like collecting games so much?".

It's quite simple really..

To Play Them! 

The main purpose of a videogame is obviously to be played and enjoyed. First-person shooters, racing games, fighting games, action games, RPGs and whatever else, they're all just simply extremely fun. I doubt non-gamers will ever understand what it feels like to be properly immersed in a game. We gamers utterly enjoy it!


While I do make a point to do my research and try to always buy good quality titles to add to my collection, I'll admit that I don't actually play every single game that I buy right after I buy them. However, now that I have the game in my collection, I'm able to play it whenever I feel like doing so! Just knowing that I can play that game whenever I want feels really good for some reason. Besides, let's be honest, they look really good all put together on the shelf.


It just feels amazing to be able to experience those games you played as a kid again years later. It just puts a smile on your face, doesn't it? I played Metal Slug again quite recently and it's still as much fun as I remember. Oh, and let's not forget that Crash Bandicoot is coming to PlayStation 4! 

It isn't that hard to understand why we collect games. It's pretty much the same story with collecting anything. You collect it because you love it, you see value in it and no matter what anybody says, there's nothing wrong with that. 

Danial Aziz
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  1. c'mon bro, share to us some of ur precious and rare gaming, paraphilia, stuff & collection. love seeing good stuff. I promise I will be good boy! pleaseee :-)