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My Top 10 Favourite PS2 Games!

The PlayStation 2 has one of, if not the largest library of any console ever made. There were so many great and enjoyable games released on this system. I know my list may not include your favourites but this is my personal list. A list of games that I still hold near and dear to my heart!

10. Black

This was my favourite first-person shooter on the PlayStation 2. Visually, it looked absolutely amazing! I remember thinking that it was the most realistic looking game I had ever played up to that point. Besides that, it didn't have the nonsense regeneration system like other games. If you wanted your health back, you needed a med pack. The maps were large and well designed. The weapons looked great and felt powerful. I don't know if it's just me being silly but I felt like Black had a sort of charm that other titles in it's genre lacked.

9. Gran Turismo 4

I was blown away by how many cars were available in this game. I was used to playing arcade racers having a car lot of about 30 - 40 cars, then this came along. I spent dozens of hours trying out almost every car in the game on almost every available circuit. Since then, I've done the exact same thing with Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo 6. I look forward to doing it all again in Gran Turismo Sport later this year!

8. Bully

Bully was a very unique title. It allowed us to be the rule-breaking, bully-beating tough guy we always wanted to be. While there were some annoying missions like escorting a kid to the restroom before he wets himself, most missions were extremely enjoyable, especially after you get to explore areas outside Bullworth Academy.

7. Kingdom Hearts 2

While Kingdom Hearts was great, Kingdom Hearts 2 was absolutely magnificent! I shed more than one tear playing this game. I loved the characters, I loved the story and I loved the combat most of the time. There's not much to really say about Kingdom Hearts 2. If you've ever played it, I'm sure you would know what a great experience it is.

6. Guitar Hero 3

This is still my favourite music game to date. The track list is unrivaled by any other title in the franchise or any other similar franchise for that matter. The controls also felt more responsive than the previous installments. The visuals were amazing, elaborate and bizarre at times. The inclusion of Slash and Tom Morello in the game was an extra treat for me. Another thing I really liked was that this game could be played using a regular controller instead of the guitar controller which was made compulsory in later installments.

5. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

There have been many great Grand Theft Auto titles, more than one on PlayStation 2, but this is the one I love the most. This game was just a colossal virtual playground which allowed me to let loose all my anger and frustration after a long tiring day. I can't even remember how many hours I've spent just mucking about in San Andreas but I do remember that it was extremely fun.

4. NFS Underground 2

While many may not agree, this is personally my favourite street racing game on the PS2. I know it's not the best looking racing game on PS2, it doesn't have the most spectacular story and there aren't any cops to crash into but I just absolutely loved my time with it. I think that this game has the most important thing a game can have, charm. It also has an insanely memorable soundtrack!

3. Final Fantasy X

This is one of the best games I have ever experienced. Everything in this game is near perfect. I played it on PS2, I'm currently playing it on PS3 and I'm sure I'll play it again on PS4. I'm glad Square Enix is letting us have this game for every new console generation because it is worthy of that treatment.

2. Marvel Ultimate Alliance

"Oh look, it's a game about superheroes trying to save the world from the forces of evil." It's stupidly enjoyable is what it is. I played this game to completion probably four or five times. It was simple and it was fun. If anybody hasn't played this game, please track down a copy of it and enjoy. This game deserves to be played. It is "Marvel"-lous!

1. Final Fantasy XII

This is my favourite game on any console ever and nothing anybody says will change that fact. I adore it. Honestly, I could be blathering on about this game for weeks. It's one of the more underrated Final Fantasy titles for some reason but please don't push it aside. It's a game that takes you on a beautiful journey with great characters and a deep intriguing plot that leads to a satisfying end. Square Enix has also announced it's plans to bring Final Fantasy XII to  the PS4 next year. Obviously I will be picking that up and I invite you to as well.

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