Friday, 24 June 2016

Why I Love Collecting For PlayStation 3

Firstly, the PlayStation 3 wasn't my first console so nostalgia isn't really a big factor in why I love collecting for it so much. Right now the PlayStation 3 isn't a retro system yet nor is it the most advanced gaming console. It's just somewhere in the middle. So, why do I enjoy collecting for it so much?

Good Games & Hidden Gems

There have been over 1000 games released for the PlayStation 3 and there are still some on the way. Besides the slew of well known great titles, there are an insane amount of hidden gems on this console as well! Games like Nier, Dragon's Crown, Brutal Legend, Puppeteer and Folklore aren't very well known for some reason but are properly great games that can be experienced on the PlayStation 3. 

On BluRay

As a collector, I always buy used games because buying brand new games would be far too expensive. It's really easy to find used PlayStation 3 games in good condition due to the heightened durability of BluRay discs compared to DVDs. It's really seldom that I find a game with even a minor scratch on the disc. Furthermore, due to the memory available on a BluRay, every game is on only one disc and that's always a good thing.

Easily Obtained

At the time being, PlayStation 3 games are very easy to find and are quite cheap to buy. I could easily get 5 used PlayStation 3 games for far less than the price of a brand new PlayStation 4 game. Used PlayStation 3 games are also often complete in box , meaning that the game disc is sold in it's case with the cover and the manual. It might not be a big deal to some but I really like games having manuals. Newer games don't even have a physical manual anymore!

So, that's why I love collecting games for the PlayStation 3. It's a fun system to collect for and I look forward to obtaining even more PlayStation 3 games to add to my glorious pile!

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