Thursday, 23 June 2016

Why You Should Let Gamers Be Gamers

There are so many reasons why you should just let gamers be gamers. Aside from the fact that everybody should be allowed to do whatever they enjoy without judgement from people who don't enjoy the same thing, games aren't causing us any harm. They're fun! Games have also made quite a significant positive impact on me in multiple ways.

Kept Me Out of trouble

I can only speak for myself when I say that games have kept me out of trouble throughout the years. While quite a number of my peers have gotten into drugs and late night partying and whatnot, I've always been happy to just stay at home and play Gran Turismo in my room. My love of games has prevented me from doing some properly stupid things and I'm very thankful for that.

Helps Relieve Stress

I've had days when I've arrived home really stressed out with all that's happened throughout the day and I'd be in a terrible mood. Usually, about an hour or so of gaming would cure that. In games, we can do extremely ludicrous things without any real repercussions which means we're able to let loose all of our pent up rage on the game's NPCs. I can assure you that this is quite therapeutic.

Helps Keep A Sharp Mind

Playing video games can actually help keep the player's mind sharp. This might seem like an odd concept to non-gamers but playing games does take quite a bit of skill. You can't just laze around and hope to overcome the obstacles the game has put in front of you. You have to be able to think quickly and react! You have to be observant and resourceful! Gamers are a smart bunch, you know.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying video games. I can understand that not everybody enjoys games just like not everybody enjoys going out and playing football or getting drunk or going bungee jumping. Gamers aren't causing any harm so please let us game. Let Gamers be gamers.

Danial Aziz
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  1. I've been a gamer for 30yrs now and love it same then as I did now growing up I was the typical kid out hanging with mate doing what kids do etc but always made time for gaming even getting older I was the same now getting into girls but still gaming gaming is good for getting rid of moods bad ones even anger after gaming I was focused and happier it became a way for me to vent my emotions plus games told stories and made you feel the same way movies to shows do after each time I played games I always felt focused and well rested even clear minded gaming isn't a way to escape life's problems but it can help you think much better as we all know thinking when in a mood never ends well. When I read those who attack gaming I always think why do you feel gaming made people do what they do and they say the same thing the game made them do it. And in fact it's not some people are not stable it's a shame gamers get attacked the way we do we are harmless games who enjoy what we love.

    1. It annoys me as well. It makes absolutely no sense to blame games for the behaviour of a handful of mentally unstable people who just so happen to play games.