Tuesday, 7 June 2016

World Of Final Fantasy Release Date Confirmed!

Wow, Square Enix is really on a roll. Having just announced the Final Fantasy XII remake, they have now announced the release date for World Of Final Fantasy. 

This game will bring together characters from different installments of the Final Fantasy franchise for one big epic adventure. In this game, the player will be in control of the twins Lann and Reyne throughout their journey in the world of Grimoire. While every other character will be presented in "Chibi" style, Lann and Reyne will be able to shift between "Chibi" and actual human forms. We've also seen multiple characters from previous Final Fantasy titles in the recently released trailer, including Tidus (FF10), Squall (FF8), Lighting (FF13) and the fan-favourite Cloud (FF7).

WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY - E3 2016 Trailer | PS4, PS Vita (by. PlayStation)

World Of Final Fantasy will be released for PS4 and PS Vita on October 25th 2016. I'll still have to wait for slightly under 5 months before I can get my hands on it but this is an adventure that I will surely be taking on. The fact that It's going to be released less than a month after Final Fantasy XV doesn't bother me in the least. Thank you, Square Enix for giving me multiple new adventures to look forward to! 

- Danial Aziz
Instagram : beyond_just_games


  1. Finally cant wait for final fantasy for my ps vita!

    1. I'm so ridiculously hyped for all the new Final Fantasy games..Hahah